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Welcome to deFarm


deFarm is a SocialFi that helps you degen with friends. Connect, compound, and cash out together! 💰

Single Farm Mainnet is now live on . Go to and start earning early adopters rewards.

Getting Started

What is deFarm?
Feature #1: deFarm Seed
Feature #2: Single Farm
Quests and Airdrops
What is deFarm?
deFarm is a SocialFi specially created for Degens, where everyone can have fun, trade, earn airdrop together.
With that said, everything in deFarm is community centric, from products to tokenomics. THE COMMUNITY are our backers. We are self-funded with no VC money, so there is no need to fear those flippers. Tokenomics is transparent, and token holders will get the most out of Treasury fees.

Currently, deFarm has 2 products avaiable on Blast mainnet, which you can start using and earning right now. So much more features are in the making in soon will be available, making deFarm the become the First SocialFi platform that actually make sense!



Dive deeper into deFarm

deFarm is not just “another SocialFI project”. It was cooked since 2022 with clear vision and roadmap, has a complicated structure that can expand and grow years into the future.
The above section is just the tip of the iceberge, which was writen as simple as possible, so that anyone can grasp the idea of deFarm. If you read this far, that must means you are curious about us, and want to learn more about what we’ve been cooking underneth. Then,

Welcome again to deFarm - the First SocialFi that actually make sense!

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