deFarm is a SocialFi for Onchain Degens, where you turn your network into your networth.

Single Farm Mainnet is on , due on April 10th, 2024

In this document, there will be some terms that readers need to understand to fully grasp the idea of deFarm: - Farm: Smart-Contract-Based DeFi Vault. It is non-custodial, meaning Managers do not have access to the assets within the Farm. Their role is limited to executing investment actions using permitted dApps and smart contracts to manage the Farm effectively. Importantly, they cannot transfer these assets from the Farm to another address. - Manager: People who create and manage Farms. Managers can use the liquidity in the managed Farms to actively trade on the Decentralized Exchange partnered with deFarm. Managers can’t withdraw the liquidity in the managed Vaults. The Manager will earn a portion of the profit as a commission fee. - Liquidity Provider (LP): People who contribute liquidity to farms created by managers. The liquidity will stay within the Vaults’ smart contract and can only be withdrawn by the Liquidity Provider. The Liquidity Provider will earn passive income through the work of the Manager.
deFarm is a new type of Social Finance platform that truly combines the best of both worlds. We aim to provide a social platform that encourages LPs to meet with Fund Managers and cooperate with each other to achieve maximum capital efficiency.
deFarm allows fund managers to create smart-contract-based DeFi Vaults, which act as secured funds. Liquidity Providers can entrust their funds to other Fund Managers to earn passive income without worrying about the safety of their money.
Additionally, users can do all those things by embracing the beauties of decentralization. In other words, everything is executed on-chain and under non-custodial methodology, which means your assets should be safe within your reach. With Game Theory applied deep within every platform aspect, bad actors are ruled out.
All in all, our platform is about decentralization and socialization in investment. The main goal of deFarm is to deliver a social platform that makes on-chain investing more accessible and efficient to all types of participants, bringing mass adoption to the crypto space.

Welcome to deFarm, a SocialFi for Onchain Degens, where you turn your network into your networth.

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