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Early Adopter Program

The Early Adopter Program is a special incentive initiative designed exclusively for deFarm's early adopters during our mainnet beta.

deFarm's Early Adopter Program incentivizes users with points to perform various actions within the deFarm app. Point rewards are available to anyone interacting with the protocol based on several qualifying conditions and parameters. Rewards are allocated to users pro-rata relative to the total pool size of points earmarked for each epoch during the event.
The Early Adopter Program is primarily an incentive program for community with the principal objectives to:
Incentivize users to use various aspects within the deFarm app.
Achieve the highest possible user growth.
Offer users an avenue to share in protocol growth by contributing to the app.

There are two ways to accumulate points for our Early Adopter Program.
1. Participating in Quests
Engage with our series of Quests to start accumulating points. These tasks are designed to be both engaging and rewarding, encouraging active participation within the deFarm ecosystem.
For detailed instructions and to dive into the quests available, visit the section .
2. Through Trading Activities
Your trading activities on deFarm also contribute to your points tally. Points are awarded based on the volume of your trades and the amounts you deposit throughout an epoch.
Calculation of Points: The accumulation of points through trading is evaluated at the conclusion of each epoch, ensuring your efforts are accurately reflected in your total points.
To learn more about how your trading activities translate to points, check out:

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