deFarm Products - The Layers

Understand about our product's layers

deFarm main products consist of 2 main Layers

I. Social Layer:

A place for Fund Managers and Liquidity Providers to meet. Like other social platforms, users on deFarm have profile pages, which have not just basic information but also trading history on deFarm, all transparent, for anyone and everyone to access. Therefore, the Social Layer is not just a place for users to communicate but also an on-chain portfolio for traders/fund managers to show off their trading skills, attracting new followers and investors!
The Social Layer is purely built for users. Therefore, all revenue from it will be fully used to reward users. There is no protocol fee within the Social Layer.

II. Asset Management Layer:

The type of Asset Management Protocol that Web3 users deserve. Enjoy the fully on-chain, non-custodial, smart-contract-based, and fully transparent Asset Management. It is for retailers, Investors, Traders, Fund Managers, and anyone who wants to increase their crypto portfolio. Swing trade, long-term hedge fun, NFT investment, early access private pools, etc. You name it, we have it, all in our Asset Management Layer.

III. Technical Structure & System Flow:

Curious about why there are so many layers? Want to learn more about how these unrelated stuffs link together to run as a beautiful and stable system? Dive in!
Warning: Wall of Text!
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