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deFarm Products - The Layers

Interactive User Experience

What is Interactive User Experience?

Interactive User Experience is a unique system we created to improve the user experience for deFarm users. Using deFarm not only offers financial and educational benefits but also brings about fun, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

I. Social Point

The Social Point is introduced to evaluate how deeply users interact with deFarm. The more profound and extended users' interactions with deFarm, the more benefits and rewards they will receive.
Users will be rewarded with Social Points every time they use the platform. Upon reaching certain milestones, users will be rewarded with items, tokens, or unlocking advanced features that new users don鈥檛 have.
Users will eventually learn how to earn Social Points using deFarm, but if you have any confusion or want to know beforehand how to maximize Social Points earning, please head to our Quest Guide.

II. Achievement

Alongside various tasks and challenges, we also have an Achievement System that will give users Social Points and nifty badges to brag about to the world. All badges are NFTs and can be shared across the Web3 space!

III. Personalized profile

Using deFarm, users' profiles not only provide basic information and social links but also a fully transparent on-chain trading portfolio. Therefore, we want users to freely showcase their uniqueness with a fully customizable profile page.
All the Achievements and Milestones can be chosen to showcase on the profile while linking with other social platforms' profiles will create a perfect portrait of users.

IV. Boosters and Items

Every trader has a unique trading style. Therefore, deFarm offers many boosters and Items so that anyone can find the best way to maximize their profit based on their investment style. Users can earn or purchase these Items in the deFarm store, which will be available soon.
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