Roadmap and Progress

Achievements and Progress


Concept Created
Team Formed
Prototype Design for Single Farm v1.
Legal Opinions consulted.


Smartcontract Testing for Single Farm v1
Single Farm deployed on Optimism Goerli
Perpetual Protocol Integration.
Documentations finished
Stealth-mode deactivated
Private Testnet conducted with more than 200 users participating.


Code Refactoring.
Single Farm deployed on Arbitrum Goerli
Vertex Protocol Integration.
Seed Round in the work
Interactive User Experience (IUE) designing
Manager Seed Mechanism designing.
Single Farm v2 Public Testnet Campaign


Seasonal Farm deployed on Arbitrum Goerli
IUE and Seed Mechanism on testnet.
Other L2s and protocols exploration.
Seasonal Farm Public Testnet Campaign
Single Farm mainnet beta with Social Layer v1 integration.


Pre-public rounds finished.
DAUs reached 1500
Single Farm mainnet beta reached $50 millions volume.
Token Generation Event.
Seasonal Farm mainnet beta
NFT Farm smart contract testing


DAUs reached 3000
Daily average volume reached $1 millions
Single Farm mainnet 2.0
Social Layer v2 integration.
Accumulate volume reached $200 millions


NFT Farm mainnet beta
Seasonal Farm mainnet 2.0
DAUs reached 5000
Accumulated volume reached $1B
Protocol Revenue reached $2 millions.
The progress and list of achievements will be updated on the go and according to market demand.
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