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Single Farm - The How-to Guide

Here you can find the detailed step-by-step instructions of how to use deFarm first product: Single Farm! Let鈥檚 pick up your tools and grow your first corps!
Single Farm is a one-time Farm managed by a pro-trader that focuses on single, robust, and short-term trade executed on deFarm's partner DEXs.
In the mainnet version, major improvements will be applied alongside the Social Layer. With that said, we appreciate every feedback from users. Your ideas for improvement will shape the future of deFarm.
Mainnet beta link:

Single Farm - The How-to Guide

The Single Farm How-to Guide is created so that anyone and everyone can use it to get familiar with the Single Farm product. If you are new to deFarm, we recommend you read through each step to have the best experience. Or if you are familiar with DEX trading and DeFi, you can jump right into any module that you are having trouble with to find the solution.
This Guide will be updated in real-time with the current version of Single Farm, so please do expect changes in the future, and contact if you need further guidance.

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