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Single Farm - The How-to Guide

Explore Single Farm

Welcome to the first product of deFarm: Single Farm! Hope you will experience great things here!

Discover Page

Accessing deFarm Mainnet Beta, you will see yourself at the Discover Page as below:
The first step after visiting Single Farm dApp site is to connect your wallet. At the right corner, click on the 鈥淐onnect Wallet鈥 button and choose your suitable wallet.
If you don鈥檛 have a wallet ready, please click on 鈥淚 don鈥檛 have a wallet鈥 and follow the instructions to create one. We recommend , the most used wallet in the space.
deFarm Mainnet Beta is currently on .
If you are not connected to the network already, you will be asked to switch the network. Accept on your wallet and you are good to go.

Nav Bar

At the top of the page is the Nav Bar, which you can use to navigate through deFarm features.
Discover: Take you to browse all farms available on deFarm.
Portfolio: Take you to your profile, where you can see your current portfolio, and stats, and adjust your personal information.
Quests: Take you to the social quests of deFarm.
Create Farm: Create your own Farm and crowdfund your ideas.

Browse Farm

The most important section of the Discover page is the Browse Farm section. Here you can see all Farm on deFarm, with major information packed in a small preview card for you to get an idea of what the Farm is about.


With a simple filter, you can find the Farms that suit your taste.
Raising: Farms that are in the fundraising duration. You can choose to deposit your money in these Farm if suitable.
Live: Farms that have already finished fundraising and started being managed by their managers. You can鈥檛 deposit in these Farms anymore.
Ended: Farms that are finished trading activities. If you invested in this Farm, you can access the Farm to withdraw your funds with P&L. Farms canceled by their managers are also included. There are many reasons for them to be canceled, but most are either because of changes in the market or not having enough funding. If you have already deposited in a Farm and it got canceled, you can access the farm to withdraw your money.

Screen Shot 2024-01-10 at 14.24.08.png
Assets: Sort out the Farms with selected trading assets. The current available trading assets are BTC, ETH, ARB, BNB, OP, DYDX, TIA, AVAX, IMX, MEME, BLUR, JUP, SUI, PYTH, FIL, LDO, MPEPE, DOGE, MKR, NEAR, CRV, COMP, BCH, ADA, SNX, ATOM, APE, LINK, GALA, TRX.
Directions: Sort out the Farms with selected directions (long or short).

Farm Card

Each Card represents 1 Farm, with significant information for you to have the first impression. Clicking the Card will take you to the detail page of the Farm.
UI (2).png
Name: Name of the Farm
Manager鈥檚 Profile: Click will direct you to the profile of the Manager
Status: Tell the Farm either in Fundraising, Live, Cancelled, or Ended
Fundraising: Current raising amount and the time left for fundraising phase
Trading Asset: The trading asset of the Farm
Position: Trading direction, with 10x as maximum leverage
Entry/Target: The plan of the Manager. This is only the PLANNED number. The manager will execute the order manually
Commission: The performance fee the manager will take from investors if the trade makes profit
Participants: Investors that already invested in the Farm

Curious about how to invest in a farm? Head over to the next page to find out more:
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