Single Farm - The How-to Guide

Create & Manage Farm

It only takes you less than 5 minutes to show your idea to the world and start raising funds. Trade using Single Farm will earn you more benefits than trading on DEXs alone. Furthermore, you can build your reputation by consistently generating good returns for investors.

Farm Creating

At the top right corner, click on the 鈥淐reate Farm鈥 button, then choose to create a Single Farm.
Screen Shot 2024-01-10 at 16.46.20.png
Next, you need to fill in all the necessary information about your trading idea. You can see the preview of your Farm on the right side.

Name: The name of your Farm. This will be the first thing people see about your Farm, so choose it wisely.
Description: The full description of your trading idea. Note that the maximum length for this description is 256 characters.
Chart link: Paste the prediction in your Tradingview image chart link. This will be displayed on the detail page.
Asset: The trading asset
Direction: Long or Short, it鈥檚 up to your idea.
Leverage: Choose the leverage of your farm with up to 20x.
Commission: The performance fee you will take from the investors if the trade makes a profit. Up to 70%
After everything is filled out and you are satisfied with the preview, you can create your farm, and it will appear instantly on the Discover page!
After succesfully created a Farm, you can now before start trading.

Start Trading

After publishing, your Farm will start the fundraising process. If the minimum amount of fundraising has been reached, you can manually end the fundraising period and Close Fundraising & Start Trading. You can also choose to Cancel Farm the Farm if you think your prediction has gone South.

Open Position

You can open 2 types of orders: Market and Limit
After opening the position, you can see the current status of your position, with size, margin, entry price, mark price, liquidation price, and your PnL.

Close Position

There are 2 ways that the order will be closed:
1. You can manually close the position when you think the situation is right.
2. The Order will be forced to close automatically if the liquidation price is met.

To manually close the position, you just need to click on the 鈥淐lose position鈥 button and confirm in your wallet.
After closing the position, your order will move to the 鈥淗istory鈥 tab. You can open multiple positions with different sizes of funds, all your closed positions will appear in this tab.

Close Farm and Claim Fund

After done closing positions, you can choose to Close Farm. At the Farm detail page, you can claim your invested and revenue amount (with protocol fee deducted), and your investors can claim their fund plus PnL (with the fee for the Manager deducted).
Screenshot 2024-01-13 at 07.40.10.png
The button will turn to 鈥淐laimed鈥 after you have claimed your funds back successfully.
Screenshot 2024-01-13 at 07.42.35.png
Got questions? Swing by our next page for a list of frequently asked questions and get all the answers you need:

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