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Roadmap and Progress

Project Goals

Considering the deFarm roadmap, 3 phases are planned out respectively as follows:
Base Layers construction.
Business expansion.
Self-sustaining/New features integration.

Phase 1: Base Layers Construction (Q1/2023-Q2/2024)

During the first phase, deFarm's focus is on establishing the platform infrastructure, especially on the aspects of:
Social Layer integration. Complete UX/UI Features.
Single Farm and Seasonal Farm on Testnet and Mainnet.
NFT Vaults on Testnet.
Treasury and Staking on Mainnet.
Token Launch.
This phase is the key period where the deFarm team touches upon our core products, with a view to providing users with the smoothest experience of our platform. Our key mission is to complete the framework for our products and layers with the consideration of the expansibility of deFarm's platform. Key features and products will be introduced in this phase and be open-tested before the launch of the mainnet and the token.
The first phase is expected to last for 4 to 6 quarters, starting from the end of 2022.

Phase 2: Business Expansion (Q2/2024-Q4/2025)

During the second phase, deFarm will complete and adjust the compatibility as well as the performance of products developed in the first phase. Development of new features is also involved. However, during this phase, deFarm's key focus is on the expansion of our business and user base. Social features will also get more focus during this phase, along with the mobile dApp.
The key goal in this phase includes:
The accumulated volume across platforms reached $2 Billions.
Daily Average Volume of Farms reached $3 Millions.
Daily Average Users reached 10,000.
Mobile Apps or PWAs available on Android and iOS.
Phase 2 is expected to last for six quarters right after the closure. The development period is subject to change for the better, depending on a lot of factors.

Phase 3: Self-Sustaining/New Features Integration

During the third phase, due to the fact that all of the deFarm's core features have been finished and are ready for mass adoption, our focus would shift towards:
Integrating new features that are designed to attract and retain users, such as gamification, social networking, or personalized recommendations.
Developing new revenue streams that can help deFarm become self-sustaining.
All in all, during phase 3 deFarm has set our goal of becoming an Open platform, enabling endless possibilities for users. More updates and changes about our strategies will be implemented on-the-go, so stay tuned with us for more information.
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