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deFarm Seed

What is Seed?

Seed is a Non-Fungible, Non-Transferable Social Token tied to the person's reputation and performance on deFarm. Every address on deFarm features a distinctive Seed that can be minted, purchased or sold. that can be minted, purchased, or sold. Setting up a profile allows you to enable your own Seed effortlessly.
The Seed鈥檚 value is subject to change based on buying and selling activity, with prices rising when people mint/buy and declining when they burn/sell.

What are the functions of Seed?

Seed serves as an entry ticket to a person's exclusive club. By acquiring another user's Seed, individuals can gain entry to
Private Investment Farms
Private chat group, contents
Have one. Life-time access.
As a result, the user's Seed price is tied to their reputation and trading performance on deFarm. This presents a powerful opportunity for social trading and speculation.

How does Seed give incentives to Fund Managers and Users?

deFarm Seed was created to enrich the Social Layer. There is no protocol fee for Seed activities. All the revenue generated will be distributed to Managers and Users.
Users can lock up ETH to mint/buy Seed, and burn/sell Seed to claim ETH. Mint/burn activities will be charged with Tax: 6% for the Manager and 4% to the Treasury.
The Locked Fund will stay within the Smart Contract, earning native yield from Blast, and later be distributed back to Managers and Users.

Seed Mechanism Curve

Seed is non-fungible, non-transferable, and naturally scarce.
The price of a user's Seed should increase faster with the more people trying to buy it. We want Seed to be a means of access to a user's exclusive club, so the number of circulating Seed for anyone should be limited to some extent, making it harder and harder to access while benefiting the early adopters.
However, we will leave the decision to manage the aggressiveness of the Seed price in the Owner's hands. The Owner can choose one of three options: Friendly, Neutral, Aggressive.
The price curve of Seed will be based on ETH as following:
Seed Price = [(Circulating Supply)^2]/X

Friendly: X = 36000
Neutral: X = 24000
Aggressive: X = 12000
Once set, the aggressiveness of Seed Price can not be changed.
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