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The Vision

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The tools we will need

Our goal is to merge a social platform with a trading hub. Why? Flashback to the GameStop saga鈥攋ust Reddit alone enabled the average Joes to flip Wall Street on its head. Now, visualize a platform where the entire community can not only share insights but also trade together. Mind-blowing, right?

So, that platform should offers:
1. A Reputation Score System, directly linked to each participant鈥檚 reputation and performance on deFarm.
Think about it: the most significant threats to retailers often come from those who preach without practice. They could be anyone from high-profile figures, who might be presidential material by 2040 like SBF, to that Twitter influencer with a flock of followers, leading the masses astray. Our mantra? Don鈥檛 trust; verify. Assess their trustworthiness through their portfolio and past actions to see if they truly put the money where their mouth is.
Enter the Seed - deFarm鈥檚 unique, Non-Fungible, Non-Transferable Social Token, reflecting a user's reputation and contributions on deFarm. Every user鈥檚 address features a distinct Seed that can be minted, bought, or sold, increasing in value as more people hold onto it.
Sounds familiar? Think Friendtech Key, but on steroids.
We鈥檙e offering functions that genuinely benefit the holders (think making money alongside Jay-Z, not just dining with him), a real revenue source to jumpstart the economic cycle, and a custom, aggressive curve to protect all participants.
Picture this: a sustainable economic model that isn鈥檛 just a Ponzi scheme. This model, crafted around the notion that apes (our affectionate term for users) need a collaborative trading environment, requires tools tailored specifically for this purpose.

2. A Smart-Contract Based Platform lets apes pool funds to execute trades collectively.
We can do that, by utilizing concept of DeFi Vaults. Basically, a secured smart contract that held funds. By leveraging DeFi Vaults - secure smart contracts that safeguard pooled funds - the creators and managers guide the investment WITHOUT the ability to withdraw unauthorized funds.
What鈥檚 more, these funds can be tokenized. Meaning? Your share of the fund is represented by A TOKEN,, which you can use as collateral to borrow more assets. This enables you to compound your interest - indeed, the eighth wonder of the world.
In simpler terms for our ape friends: the Ape Leader creates a vault, apes contribute funds and receive tokenized shares, which they can leverage for further gains, experiencing the thrill of compounding interest. Meanwhile, Ape Leaders earn a portion of the performance fees as profits. Together, apes are unstoppable.
This magical vault, which we affectionately call "Farms," supports all kinds of investment instruments - Perpetuals, Spot Trading, Restaking, NFTs, and Pre-market Tokens. Whatever apes can dream up, we aim to deliver.
But what about the rogue elements within the community? Can we encourage positive behavior while filtering out the bad? Absolutely.
3. A loyalty system that rewards and distributes benefits for good actors.
We called them Quests. Much like the dopamine rush from completing video game quests, our system rewards users with points and tokens for activities such as daily logins, referrals, trading, and social media engagement.
While we can't eliminate all negative elements in a decentralized world, we can certainly promote and incentivize the good ones, building a network of profitable, cooperative apes. Remember, apes together are strong, and apes earn profits.
These components are essential pieces of our puzzle, moving us closer to creating the ideal platform. But remember, deFarm is by apes, for apes, and will always champion the ape community, starting with our very name.
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