The New Economy

Tokenomics & Utilities

deFarm token $DEF has several intrinsic values behind it.

$DEF use cases include:
Grant access to members who wish to become a part of the DAO to decentralize the governance process of the project.
Incentivize the good actors of the protocol. Gatekeeping the bad actors.
A mean to earn a part of the revenue and treasury.
Fees reduction while participating in deFarm apps.
$DEF utilities are broadly diversified, with a variety of token acquisition channels such as below:
$DEF Utilities
As a Farm Manager
As an Investors
As a Token Holder
Fee reduction on Farm creating
Earn more revenue/ performance fees
Fee reduction on Farm joining
Fee reduction on Early Withdraw
Access to Premium Farms
Governance voting on future important implementations
How to Get
Liquidity Mining program
Earn from Performance Reward
Buy on exchanges
Earn from protocol's activities
Staking rewards
Bonds program
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