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deFarm Products - The Layers

Asset Management Layer

The concept of deFarm Asset Management is simple, yet timeless and limitlessly expandable:
Socialize Asset Management with the power of Decentralization
deFarm is a SocialFi, where everyone can interact with each other and earn according to their contribution. Everyone should do what they know best, maximizing the profit for all parties involved.
We can divide deFarm users into two categories: Fund Managers and Liquidity Providers.
Fund Managers are the ones who have expertise in trading skills, know the market, and have deep skin in the game. They often consider trading as their career or their main job. As a result, their general investments usually have a higher rate of return than average users. Using deFarm, Fund Managers can create DeFi Vaults and allow other users to deposit funds into them. After fundraising, Fund Managers can use the funds to actively trade to seek profit. The Fund Managers will earn a commission fee if the trades win and build up their trading portfolio as all the on-chain activities are recorded.
Liquidity Providers are the ones who have idle funds but lack the skills or time to profit from them effectively. They often consider trading a side job or a risky investment. As a result, if they use the funds to trade themselves, they usually make more losses than wins. Using deFarm, Liquidity Providers can browse and look for attractive Fund Managers and DeFi Vaults to invest in. If someone or some vaults catch their eye, they can decide to invest, sit back, and wait for the Fund Managers to do the hard trading work. The Liquidity Providers will earn passive income and only have to pay a percentage of the winning amount to the Fund Managers.

All DeFi Vaults in deFarm are transparent and non-custodial, meaning Managers do not have access to the assets within the Farm. Their role is limited to executing investment actions using permitted dApps and smart contracts to manage the Farm effectively. Importantly, they cannot transfer these assets from the Farm to another address.

Asset Management Layer鈥檚 Products

Keeping the core concept, deFarm will gradually release all kinds of products to fit the market trend, making users not have to look elsewhere when new types of assets appear in the Blockchain World.

1. Single Farm

Single Farm is a unique one-time DeFi vault type, meaning Farm Manager manages one trade per vault. The Manager creates a Farm for a single trade and crowdfunds for that trading idea. Once the Manager closes that trade, the realized profits or losses will be instantly ready for Liquidity Providers to claim.
To further understand how Single Farm works, please read our
Single Farm is LIVE on Blast

2. Seasonal Farm

A Seasonal Farm is a perpetuity DeFi vault that facilitates the trading of multiple assets within the Farm according to the Manager鈥檚 trading strategies. Seasonal Farms offers users a decentralized alternative to traditional hedge funds managed by verified managers only.
More info about Seasonal Farm will be available in the near future.
Seasonal Farm is due to mainnet on Q2, 2024

3. NFT Farm

The entry barrier to investing in NFTs is huge. It鈥檚 fairly easy to go on Opensea or Binance to purchase an NFT, but it's hard to purchase the right one that will yield positive ROI in the future. NFT communities operate somewhat cult-like and give new users a hard time following, participating in, and investing. That鈥檚 where NFT Farms comes in. It gives retailers or spectators a way to invest in NFTs without getting too involved in the culture.
NFT Farm is due to mainnet on Q4, 2024

4. Seed House

Seed House is a smart-contract DeFi vault that eliminates the complicated and risky process of investing in pre-sale rounds of a project. With Seed House, early investors can easily invest in pre-sale rounds of a project in an auction-based manner. Seed House is all about reducing risk and increasing transparency for early investors. By providing a secure and transparent platform, Seed House bridges the gap between projects and early investors, making it easier for everyone to benefit from pre-sale rounds in a safe and effective manner.
Seed House is due to mainnet on Q1, 2025
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