The New Economy


The economic model of deFarm is what our team has been cooking on for a long period of time, ever since the project has been just a concept. Extensive research and lots of economic models have been studied in order to find and build one that is best suitable for the concept and vision of deFarm. The tokenomics of deFarm has been designed to benefit the platform's good actors, to sustain the development, and utilize our platform capacity. Read more about the idea of a good tokenomics design in our Game Theory articles.
The key goals that we keep in mind while constructing our tokenomics and token metrics include the following:
The practical and necessity of the token. The main purpose of deFarm token is to become a key to access our services and power the incentive mechanism of our ecosystem along the way. This means that we are focusing on the Utilities and Demand of the token.
The Game Theory between incentivizing the Good Actors and punishing the Bad Actors. While token price post-launch is always subject to the market's condition and speculation, we will try to benefit loyal holders and good actors while avoiding giving rewards to mercenaries yield farmers.
Sustainability of the token and deFarm ecosystem. Our tokenomics was designed to sustain the project and its ecosystem for a long period of time. The Treasury will also be an essential part of our token economy. Almost all token flows are related to it, aiming to give deFarm a self-sustainable status in the future.
The Motto is Community First. And the last but most important part is this. The community has always been the backbone of deFarm and will be the most important aspect of anything. The tokenomics was designed to incentivize communities to support deFarm, benefiting the loyal supporters while staying easy to access to attract newcomers.

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