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Early Adopter Program

Explore Trading Activities

Point distribution within Trading Activities of Early Adopter Program consists of 7 epochs, each lasting 7 days. The program features two separate rewards pools: Trading Volume pool and Deposit Amount pool. Points are awarded based on the level of contribution by users within these pools throughout each epoch.

Trading Activity Page

To access the Early Adopter Program Page within deFarm, simply navigate to the 鈥淧oints鈥 page via the top Navigation Bar. If your wallet is not yet connected, please refer to the previous guide: .

Points Leaderboard

The Points Leaderboard presents a comprehensive view of the Early Adopter Program participants. Here, you can track the countdown of the current epoch as well as review the standings from previous epochs.
At the top of the leaderboard, your individual statistics are displayed, highlighting your Trading Volume and Deposit Amount:
Points are earned based on trading volume and deposit amount during an epoch, with the total points calculated at the epoch's conclusion.

Additionally, you'll find a concise FAQ section that addresses common questions about the Early Adopter Program, giving further insights and clarifications.

If you still have any questions about Trading Activities and Early Adopter Program, look up your questions here:

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