deFarm Economy

$DEF Token Launch

deFarm is entering a new stage with the launch of its $DEF Token, following the completion of a private and strategic funding round. This round was supported by notable investors including K300, Hashed, Modular Labs, and SqrDAO. The next step involves a public sale, which will comprise an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) across several launchpads and a Public Auction managed by deFarm.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

The IDO for deFarm is a significant part of the $DEF Token Launch. For this offering, 40 million $DEF tokens, which constitute 4% of the total token supply, are reserved. This allocation is specifically for the IDO that will take place on various launchpads. The list of these launchpads, along with their specific terms for hosting public sales, will be disclosed in the near future.
The primary objective of conducting the IDO on multiple launchpads is to broaden the reach of deFarm within the community. This strategy not only aims to introduce deFarm to a wider audience but also serves to build trust among users. The due diligence and endorsement by reputable launchpads signify the legitimacy and potential of the $DEF Token within the DeFi ecosystem.
The terms and conditions, including how users can participate in the IDO, will vary depending on the policies of each launchpad. deFarm is committed to ensuring that this process is transparent and accessible, with further details to be provided as the launchpads are announced.

Public Auction

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