deFarm Economy

Basic Information


Token Name: deFarm Token
Symbol: $DEF
Chain: Arbitrum
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Contract Address: TBA

$DEF tokens are currently not listed on any CEX or DEX.


$DEF Allocation

The $DEF token is the foundational currency of deFarm, crafted to drive and manage the platform's ecosystem. It's a multifunctional token that incentivizes engagement, gives access to community-driven governance, and boosts protocol rewards. The utility of $DEF is centered on encouraging sustainable and long-term growth of the platform.

Airdrop and Early Adopters: 14% (140 million $DEF)
This allocation is dedicated to building and nurturing the deFarm community. The funds will be used for marketing initiatives aimed at increasing brand visibility and user adoption. Additionally, part of this allocation may be distributed through airdrops, which are an effective tool for rewarding community engagement and attracting new users to the platform.

veStaking Reward: 25% (250 million $DEF)
A quarter of the token supply is reserved for the veDEF stakeholders. This allocation is designed to reward users who stake $DEF in our vote-escrowed pool. For details about veDEF, check out: .

Ecosystem Growth: 12% (120 million $DEF)
Ecosystem Growth tokens are intended to facilitate the expansion and diversification of the deFarm ecosystem. These funds may be allocated to strategic partnerships, development grants, and other initiatives that drive innovation and the integration of new features within deFarm.

DAO Treasury: 9.00% (90 million $DEF)
The Treasury allocation is set aside to support the governance structure of deFarm. These funds are crucial for financing proposals approved by the community, which could include protocol upgrades, community initiatives, or other operational expenses.

Liquidity/CEXs/MM: 2.00% (20 million $DEF)
A portion of the $DEF supply is allocated for Liquidity, Market Maker (MM), and CEX Listing to ensure the token's accessibility upon its introduction to the market. This allocation is critical for facilitating smooth trading and providing market stability, which can enhance investor confidence and help in establishing the token's market position.

Founding Team: 20% (200 million $DEF)
The allocation to the founding team signifies the long-term commitment of the core members to the project. This allocation is vested over a period of time to align the team's incentives with the success and growth of the platform. It ensures the founding team remains motivated to achieve the project's goals and milestones.

Advisor: 3.00% (30 million $DEF)
Advisors, who provide expertise and strategic guidance to the project, are allocated a small portion of the token supply. This not only compensates them for their contributions but also aligns their interests with the success of deFarm.

Seed Investors: 4.30% (43 million $DEF)
This allocation is targeted at early seed investors who provided the capital necessary to bring deFarm from concept to reality. Seed investors typically receive a portion of the total token supply as compensation for their early belief and financial commitment to the project.

Strategic Investors: 2.70% (27 million $DEF)
Strategic investors are individuals or entities that contribute more than just capital; they often bring in valuable industry connections, expertise, and resources that can significantly bring the project forward.

Initial DEX Offering: 4.00% (4 million $DEF)
This portion is dedicated to launching the project on selected launchpads to facilitate initial public access and funding. The IDO is a key step in introducing deFarm to the market and securing the necessary capital for its development.

Public Auction: 4.00% (4 million $DEF)
This specific allocation is set aside for a public auction organized by deFarm. For comprehensive details and further information on the public auction, including its structure, terms, and participation guidelines, please refer to the provided link: .

$DEF Vesting Schedule


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